I have been arguing with myself about posting this for a while now… and while what is written here is longer than it should be, it is substantially shorter than it was. I think that I see writing this now more as a means of moving on than anything else. A way to acknowledge the year 2020 and leave its chaos and uncertainty behind and move forward with a positive outlook and optimistic perspective.

Happy Holidays –– the global pandemic edition. –– Having spent a significant amount of time over the past 16 years living out of hotel rooms across the country and around the globe, I have spent many holiday seasons in a Doubletree, Holiday Inn, or apartment in whatever city the itinerary pointed me towards.

Throughout this entire global pandemic, I have felt lost. I chalked it up to the aftermath from the feeling that “my life got flipped turned upside down” (Jeff 1990). The loss of livelihood, the loss of purpose, the loss of people, pets, and things; all of this could have accounted for each individual feeling of uncertainty in my life, and to some extent it did. What I did not realize was that through this loss, and likely only through experiencing this loss lies the path to some of the greatest opportunities in my entire adult life.