EMPAC - Mick Barr



The Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | Troy, NY


Mick Barr Performance

Mick Barr - Artist

Argeo Ascani - EMPAC Curator, Music
Ian Hamelin - Coordinator
Daniel A Swalec - Lighting Supervisor
Alena Samoray - Lighting Director

February 7, 2013 | EMPAC Goodman Studio 1


Mick Barr presents a solo performance of his electric guitar works. A guitarist of the highest technical caliber, Barr makes music that exists somewhere between progressive black metal, hardcore, and avant-jazz. Alternating between witheringly complex and gutturally primal, Barr is at the center of the extreme sound scene with works of unrivaled experimental improvisation.




text and logo from the EMPAC website
 photos courtesy of EMPAC

 Technical Project Notes:


After some summer cleaning, we located a slue of clear G40 lamps and white sockets on white cords left over from past projects. After some discussion, Music Curator Argeo Ascani and I decided to incorporate a thematic element to multiple music performances in Studio 2 through- out 2014. The Mick Barr performance was the first of two concerts in this studio to use these lamps, and was the only one in which we lit the white cords with some LED fixtures from the back of the house, resulting in a radiant red line suspending the light bulb from above.



To download a PDF synopsis of my work on this project please click the download button below.