EMPAC - Film Lighiting Aquisition and Carts



The Curtis R. Priem Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute | Troy, NY


Facility Improvements


Film Lighting Equipment Acquisition and Storage Carts

Johannes Goebel - Director, EMPAC
Argeo Ascani - Curator, Music
Victoria Brooks - Curator, Time-Based Visual Arts
Ash Bulayev - Curator, Theatre and Dance
Geoff Abbas - Director of Stage Technologies
Eric Brucker - Lead Video Engineer
Daniel Swalec - Master Electrician / Lighting Supervisor


Due to some changes in programming and an anticipation of a shift in directions of residencies within EMPAC in the coming years, I was asked to assemble a list of lighting and grip equipment that would supplement the current, mostly theatrical and incandescent, lighting inventory in a way that would help facilitate future video-recording-based projects both on and off site. The premise was to create a list of equipment to maximize the flexibility and usefulness within the facility, while allowing for mobility and travel to local area filming sites as needed. The initial proposal was trimmed down slightly to fit within the budget and custom built carts were designed and fabricated to safely store and transport the equipment around the facility.

 photo © Daniel A. Swalec 2012


Technical Project Notes:



Storage and transportation is as much of a concern for me as the equipment being stored or transported. In a facility based on flexibility, every detail of the carts, down to the caster choice and its locking ability were deliberate choices. These carts were built for the specific gear determined to be new acquisitions to the facility's inventory while allowing for room for existing fixtures specific to a “film-lighting” inventory,  Very limited space was left for additional equipment and expansion. The structural frames for these three similar carts were welded locally, and the final assembly was done in house at EMPAC.


To download a PDF synopsis of my work on this project including drawings for the fixtures cart and stand cart, please click the download button below.