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Production Technician | Photographer | Designer
swalecda [at] mac [dot] com
Metro Detroit
United States
(+1) 586.201.2458
Miscellaneous Information:

Daniel A. Swalec

Production Technician | Photographer | Designer

"I have a love for theatricality, images that capture a well-crafted truth, and colorful images that evoke the contrast and dynamics of a black and white image in vibrant color. With a background in professional, world class production, I have no problems managing and producing a shoot with the highest of production standards to create images that astound my clients. I am an Upstate New York based production technician, photographer, and designer specializing in all aspects of theatrical lighting, production photography, and portraiture, and cannot wait to hear more about your project.  Please contact me with any questions about how I can help on your next project."