The Geary Theatre

The Geary Theatre

San Francisco, CA
Venue Head Electrician
October 2016 - June 2018

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My time at the Geary would include 14 productions and dozens of maintenance and organizational projects ranging from simple and organizational, like purchasing shelves to better organize supplies, to establishing an inventory of lighting fixtures, cable, and accessories, and more efficient methods of storing them. The Geary also provided opportunity for larger projects; purchasing $40k in new cable and distribution equipment to replace cables with dry-rotting insulation and failing connectors, and replacing 2/Ø welding cable that was hard wired to a homemade and 'temporary' circuit breaker panel.

The list of similar small improvements throughout the facility is long, but the single most substantial improvement was expedited as a matter of necessity after the facility's architectural lighting system completely stopped working. While the actual install of the $250k in upgrades happened after my departure from the organization, I was able to steward the retrofit of a new control system to the facility's existing light switches, the replacement of an outdated power relay system, the complete spec and layout of a lighting-specific network infrastructure for facility, a new low-voltage relay system specific to the venue's cue light needs, and help to create the spec for complete integration of these elements into a fully functional stage manger control panel. While I am disappointed that I was not able to be there for the final installation of these components and recommissioning of these systems, I was happy to answer questions from afar for my successor, and was excited to hear it went well and am excited to return someday to see the final installation.

Below you will find a series of links to blog posts outlining my work on this $250k capital improvement project for the Geary Theater; from the system failure, to the band-aid fix, and the proposals for final upgrades.

The Problem

When the controller at the heart of the Geary theatre's architectural lighting system died after 24 years of continuous use, a temporary solution was required.

The Solution

Information on more of my previous work can be found below

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